Our Community

Thanks in part to our long-lived mines – measured in decades – Hecla has established deep connections with the communities in which it operates, demonstrating a commitment to working in partnership with those communities over the last 125 years. The work we do contributes to a solid foundation for these local economies. In fact, many Hecla employees play important roles in their communities by volunteering their time. Some are members of school boards, others provide education in health and safety, coach sports teams, promote mining education at the local and state levels, or participate in programs with local museums to preserve mining’s rich heritage. And through the Hecla Foundation, we’re able to enhance the quality of life and to promote the social, environmental, and economic sustainability and development in these same communities.

WP-Icon The Rock Creek Community (Fact Sheet)
“While the company is committed to operating the mine in an environmentally responsible manner, Hecla’s long-standing involvement in the community has been perhaps the company’s greater quality. The men and women working at Hecla are active participants in the Juneau business community, civic associations, education and elected governmental roles. They are integral to the community and their passion and professionalism makes Juneau an even better place to call home. We are very fortunate to have them in our community and know you too will find them to become a key part of your community once the Rock Creek project is successfully permitted.” Merrill Sanford, former mayor, Juneau, Alaska